Why Turbolax®?


Turbolax® is the unique combination of ingredients with powerful laxative properties. It comprises highly effective
Turbolax® Complex and lactitol with EU-approved health claim “contributes to normal bowel function by increasing stool frequency”
Turbolax® has two practical dosage forms:
1. Sticks with powder to be mixed in water or other beverage
2. Effervescent tablets to be dissolved in a glass of water


Turbolax® supports digestive health and improves intestinal transit – a beneficial effect in case of constipation.
Its double action favors overnight relief:
• osmotic effect accelerates bowel movement
• prebiotic properties promote digestive regularity and health


Turbolax® has gentle, yet reliable action. There are no sudden urgencies nor harsh side effects. Turbolax® works naturally with your body.

User friendly

Turbolax® has practical on the go dosage forms – just mix the content of the sticks with water or dissolve the effervescent tablets in water and it is ready to use.
Turbolax® has a pleasant lemon taste.
Turbolax® is convenient and easy to take.